Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Girls Night Out

After a few whirlwind weeks, Fab and Caj longed for a night on the town.

First, we met for champagne "hobo-style" downtown and then headed to Italy (well, it felt like Italy because the food was so deliciously authentic. And we know because we've been there. Not.)

Ever had a Greta Garbo? Fab and Caj have.

After feasting on Italian fare, Fab was anxious to start mingling at the Oak Room.

She opted for affordable chic, wearing a five dollar dress from Target and her staple black Kate Spade bag.

Arriving at the Oak Room, we immediately ordered two chocolate martinis. On such a beautiful night, we had to take in the view.

Chilling by the pool, a polished young man took a seat by us. He noticed our empty glasses and promptly ordered us a round of Lovelies.

He made his advances and invited us to a party. He struck us both as a bit arrogant. Then again, he did buy us drinks. Fab was skeptical but then thought maybe a party would be fun. However, Caj had big plans for the morning-time. As tempting as staying up through the next day seemed, she declined for us both, but we continued chatting. We were getting along pretty well until his girlfriend showed up. She was irritated her boyfriend had bought us drinks and was getting all chatty. We thought it best not to mention the party.

After that awkward moment, we headed homeward, but not before Caj sank to the ground languidly exploring the night sky with her eyes.

We should definitely do this more often.