Friday, May 15, 2009

Good quality, bad fashion

This is Caj. She doesn't normally look this distressed.

Fab, wearing vintage, couldn't believe the plethora of fugly dresses adorning the racks of our favorite store. So obviously we did what any girls would do. We tried them on.

Some were trainwrecks, some were pleasant surprises.

Let us know what you think.

All they had was a size four in this orange nightmare. Caj was swimming in it. But by holding in the sides, she made it look halfway decent. Luckily with the right skin tone, this dress actually works. On anyone else, not so much. This Tory Burch number complete with top beading is a good example of bad fashion being worn correctly.

After Caj tried on the orange disaster, a glimmering jewel in the distance caught her attention.

"Holy hell, is that a rhinestone belt?!" she shrieked. "Try it on RIGHT NOW."

Fab protested. But Caj wouldn't take no for an answer. "No, NOW. Right now."

And so it was...At first glance the green picnic dress appeared unworthy of so fashionable a girl, but we gave it the chance to shine. Fab somehow managed to make it work.

And oh, how it sparkles...

Caj perfected her Laura Bush impression. We all know she's more Jackie O.

Are you hypnotized by our bad fashion yet? Don't worry, there's more to come...

PS. Please don't ever wear the following ensemble so lovingly worn by Fab.

Oooh shiny stripes! Caj draped herself in a candy wrapper. Maybe she is looking for a job with Ringling Brothers...

Fab was all decked out in Easter's finest. All she was missing was a little wicker basket, a white bonnet, and some polished one and a half inch pumps. (Scuffing optional).

Caj was clearly pissed by the ill fitting dish rag. It was something a loser fresh out of design school made.

After an exhausting day of fugly clothes, walking from dressing room to dressing room, we needed a sugary reward.
To torture yourself and ruin all hopes of fitting into that new bikini, click here.

Caj bought the French Vanilla OOH La La on the left. It was whipped buttercream nirvana. Let's not forget the strawberry malt garnish on top.

Fab picked the Rasberry Lemonade, a sharp mixture of creamy icing and berries, with a tangy gum drop candy to finish it off.