Sunday, August 9, 2009


We are continually in shock and awe of Etro. We love it and hope you do too.

If you're not familiar with this design house, have no shame. We will acquaint you.

This little endeavor began one day when Fab was painfully bored. She went to her parents' house where she became even more bored. Thankfully, Caj dropped by after picking up a bunch of her Etro and Marc Jacobs pieces from the cleaners. With nothing else to do, we browsed the Vogue collections for a bit. We even managed to be bored with this season's collections, due to lack of color.

Fab wrinkled her nose and said "At least we can count on Etro for color and flamboyance. My old Etro pieces from high school are better than this."

Caj doesn't like the glitz at Fab's parents' house ("too bright!") so she grabbed a bottle of wine out of her purse, put on her sunglasses, and said "There. Now the lighting is perfect for me." (Caj has vampire tendencies).


"Oh my god let's do a photo shoot! With Etro!"

Fab fluttered from her mother's closet to her own. Caj grabbed her stuff out of the car.

And the Etro shoot began.

But...we only had less than an hour. It was almost 5 p.m. and Fab's mom wanted us to resurrect the tradition of having 5 o'clock martinis for old time's sake (we've been doing it since high school). We couldn't say no. It's rare to be at her parent's house these days. (And, um, we had to get her mom's Etro jacket back in her closet before she noticed).


We started with Fab's mom's jacket so we could hide it in case she walked in.
Vintage Etro jacket circa 1983, white Express top underneath

By the time we got to our second look, Caj was already done with the wine.
Etro tweed jacket, inspired by English hunting styles, pairied with St. John skirt, and wild Etro Floral/Dijon colored shoes. -Michael Kors Sunglasses-

Fab pulled off Colombian drug dealer wife chic with this Etro suit. Too bad Caj didn't get the alligator boots in the photo (Fab had her suspicions that the wine had taken effect).

Vintage Etro suit circa 1979, white Express top

We intended to take this next photo in Fab's bedroom but the lighting in the bathroom was so perfect, Fab caught Caj off guard just after her re-application of lipstick.

Ruffled Etro top, purchased concurred with green Etro top at bottom of post. It reminds me of something Morrissey would wear...

Caj cornered Fab in the hall for this scared little school girl pose. ("Oh and also to ask her how much of my wine she drank whilst I was re-applying...Ya, I saw you.")

White Express top, Etro tie, Guess skirt

Several hours later, we had put the jacket back, reminisced with the mother of Fab, and splashed around in the pool. ("Well, Caj splashed around in the fountain, so Fab is pretty sure there was enough wine left for her to have made such a silly mistake..really Caj, it was a sip. FAB HAD A SIP!")

We get along so well!

Really, we do.

On right-top- *extra strappy*floral*top*Etro
Jeans- Lived in look*LuckyBrand(A Caj denim favorite)*

On left-white Anthropologie dress, orange Etro bag