Monday, June 15, 2009

Fab's Style Icon: Anne Hathaway

Caj and I decided we simply cannot have a fashion blog without paying tribute to the style icons who inspire us every single day.

Lucky me—I get to start!

Like millions of other girls, I grew up admiring the fashion of movie stars Audrey and Grace. I desperately longed for them to be young and alive during my generation.

I felt lost growing up because I could not find a decent fashion role model in modern, mainstream Hollywood.

Sure, there were beautiful and talented, albeit boring, celebrities like Julia Roberts and Nicole Kidman. They dressed well, but they were just pretty faces in a sea of forgetful designer gowns. They are movie stars, but I would hardly call them style icons.

By the time I was in high school, it was bad: I was dressing like Britney Spears.

But in the past few years, I have been relieved to see that there are a few actresses out in La La Land who actually have iconic style. They have a flair for fashion and drape garments on their body because they know it’s an art form, not just because it’s part of the job.

And one of those actresses is Anne Hathaway.

Her classy, elegant style never ceases to amaze me. She dazzles the red carpet in a flowing Valentino dress one day; the next afternoon, she’s hiding behind monstrous Chanel sunglasses and a fluffy red scarf, while wearing skinny jeans…at the grocery store.

She balances a girly flair with simplicity. She isn’t afraid to take risks—for the most part, they pay off and if not, she looks gorgeous anyway.

Can you tell I’m a little obsessed?

Here are some of my faves:

Anne wore this classic Chanel piece to the National Board of Reviews in January

I adore this Gianfranco Ferre piece because it is like two dresses in one.

Only Anne could light up the red carpet in this purple Marc Jacobs piece.

I would trade my entire right arm for these Red Hot sunglasses by Jee Vice. Okay, maybe not. But I'm not going to pretend like I wouldn't have to think about it.

What do you think? Feel free to disagree. I know I chose some of her most courageous fashion moments!


  1. I love Anne,
    and I have a feeling I'm going to love your blog.
    I'm following you on blog lovin x

  2. Gorgeousness! Love that Gianfranco Ferre!


  3. everything she is wearing is gorgeous .. but ithink she has a stylist .soo i cant give her credit

  4. btw

    Thanks for the lovely comment we really appreciate you stopping by our blog

  5. Love her so much! She's one of my fashion icons also!! XOXO

  6. i adore her!! definitely one of my fashion icons!!

    thanks so much girl for the sweet comment on my blog!!! yay!

  7. I really love her! She's so unique and absolutely gorgeous in that purple Marc Jacobs dress.

    Beautiful blog (:
    following you!!

  8. she's the next audrey hepburn!!

  9. HI there girlies!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog, hope u call by again soon! Must say i am a fan of Anne H too, she is an amazing dresser! I think i may have to do this idea in a post on my blog! Think id do..Diane Kruger that girl has got style!!
    Much love from Ireland xx

  10. love what she wears and i want those red sunglasses too

  11. I love the 2 looks from Anne. She seems really fun & down to earth!


  12. love Anne too! she has grown so much and together with it, her fashion sense has definitely flourished.

    btw, i tagged u from my blog. juz answer it wen u have the time.

  13. I love the Chanel dress! Adorable!

  14. I agree...she is lovely! Great blog.

  15. I completely agree. Anne has really progressed over the years in becoming quite a fashion icon. She's an amazing actress too. Rachel Getting Married is my all time favorite of hers.


  16. she is such a beautiful and classy lady!

  17. she has amazing style, so sophisticated, how a real woman should be

    love your blog!


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  19. anne hathaway!
    she is a pretty women! i love dress...

  20. Love her sense of style!